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Starting Off on Your Focusing Journey
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You can try out Focusing with an inexpensive one-on-one session with me, either in person (if you live in Costa Rica) or on the phone.

I have coached many people through Skype, an internet program which allows one to make free international phone calls. Even if you don't have Skype, I can call you on your land line for only $5 more, no matter where you are on this beautiful blue planet!

Focusing on the phone or through Skype works just fine. Most of us exchange focusing turns with our "Focusing partners" once a week this way.

My price for 50 minutes is only $75 for a 50 minute session, with an added few minutes for review. You are definitely worth it! 
If you are really struggling financially, let's see if we can work something out.
After this initial session, you may wish to purchase my package of eight sessions in Domain Focusing (Mind, Body, Heart Focusing) in which you receive one session for free. You can purchase the package for only $525. Your payment for your first session can be applied toward this package (and you can pay as you go!).

Learning Domain Focusing Partnership for eight sessions is not only an easy way to learn Focusing, it is an opportunity to work on issues or situations in your life that need some attention. Focusing will reveal to you the implicit meaning and life-forward movement within them. I cannot begin to describe how powerful it is to be listened to by someone in a reflective, Focusing way as you process areas of your life that need healing.
You will enjoy fresh insights and felt shifts in body blocks as you learn a new skill. You will be very pleased.

If you know one other person who is interested in learning Focusing with you, we can arrange to work together on the phone through one and a half hour sessions where you each get individual attention. Working with others is much more fun and enriching than just working one-on-one, though both have their inherent value. Learning Focusing with another will help you practice listening skills as you practice "felt sensing". At $60 each for the hour and a half session, you actually get an extra half hour of focusing learning time for less than the usual $75 an hour. It is worth the effort.

Contact me through email and I will gladly call you to set up our first session.

My email is:

The best and most enjoyable way to learn Focusing is through partnership with another Listener/Focuser. I welcome you to join me for my course in Felt Relating, "Safe Companioning Within and Without: Felt Sensing and Felt Listening" course. (SEE my section on Worskhops.)

I also offer "Intro to Focusing" Mini Workshops, which explore the concept of "Clearing a Space" and "Felt Sensing" (the natural skill of holding and waiting for our inner felt experience to reveal itself to us). Groups and organizations that wish to offer their members a new practice for self awareness are welcome to contact me to set this up.

For small groups in Costa Rica or Teleconferences, I offer a five-week Domain Focusing Partnership course which covers the basic elements of Focusing and Fresh Listening. Each class is two and a half hours long. You get 12.5 hours of focusing for only $250. 

I love Focusing and want to pass it on to others. So if you need a discount, let me know.

It is a gift to myself to be able to share this powerful process with others so that they are enabled to do it with a Focusing partner in the future for free.

For 12 Steppers, I offer the wonderful ENLIVENING RECOVERY 12-week workshop.

Please contact me through my E-Mail, and I will call you as soon as I can. Working together in person is ideal, but if you do not live in Costa Rica, Skype calls are free.

The best is yet to come!

Thanks for being here, visiting my site.

I look forward to communicating with you and keeping you company in this new, exciting adventure of coming home to yourself.



Focusing Session

Special price for three person: two hour Focusing/Listening Training.

"Summon the Courage to Affirm the Authentic You". John Amodeo