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Embracing Love Addiction
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Embracing Love Addiction
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I invite you to join me on an adventure into exploring each Step of the 12 Step Pathway around your own definition of Love Addiction.
We will do this in a felt sensed way in order to experience it inside, freshly, “now,” as its felt meaning is revealed to you.

Focusing is a practice of waiting for the inner feel of something to emerge from inside us. Vague at first, as this inner feel comes into “Focus,” meaning emerges, and things “make sense” to us. (Thus the term "Felt Sense."") Our felt experience may come into focus with a word, an image, a metaphor, a gesture, sound, song, memory or movement. As it is symbolized, we gain insights and a feel a shift of energy inside. These insighst and their accompanying felt release open up new possibilities inside us, and we feel good -- full of hope, clarity, and inner lightness of being.




  • Felt Sensing frees us to move forward in our life and to have a compassionate, creative relationship with ourselves and others.
  • It enables us to ground ourselves in Presence to process feelings and situations in a safe, spacious way, gaining access to our body's inner wisdom.
  • We heal old wounds and begin truly loving life and living as our authentic self.
  • We learn how to listen fully and tenderly to another person in a safe, compassionate way.
  • We find our voice and inner truth while being heard by a safe, caring companion.
  • We simply feel better!


  The Twelve Step Pathway is a way of living that enables us to find freedom from the physical, mental, and spiritual chains of an addictive or compulsive process. It enables us to heal our connection and relationship with ourselves, others, and with our experience of being part of something greater than ourselves.

This course is an introduction to the principles and values of this pathway as applied to Love Addiction. It is not intended to replace a recovery Program within a 12 Step fellowship, which is the solution for many people for addictive patterns.



This 10 session telephone course will:

  • Enable 12 Steppers to feel into the Steps for Love Addiction in this new, amazing, bodily-felt way;
  • Help non-12 Steppers understand and experience the Steps;
  •  Reveal the principles implicit in each Step while also introducing a new Focusing practice and its functions. 

We will resource ourselves with a positive felt experience; dip into the Step; and then welcome the wonderful feel of Recovery as it is implied in each Step.

You will learn a new aspect of Focusing during each workshop; such as the P.A.U.S.E., Felt Listening, Clearing a Space, Self Empathy, Facilitative Language, etc.


RECOVERY FOCUSING is based on my H.O.W. We Heal model for facilitating support groups.

I will be giving out reading material related to both Focusing and the 12 Steps (as a brief introduction).


WHEN: End of September 2019

It will run for ten weekly, two-hour Zoom Webinar workshops. 

Each webinar workshop will be 1.5 to two hours long, depending on group size and questions.

We will be using Zoom which allows you to join via your computer or phone.

Each workshop will be recorded in case you have to miss one. You will receive class notes after each workshop.  


PLEASE NOTE: We will be Focusing in a group way, so that we can benefit from the group experience and the group's inner wisdom. It is a bit different from Focusing Partnership exchanges, which tend to be longer and deeper. We gain in breadh what we lose in depth. Meaning, as you listen and resonate with others your own inner experience will be carried forward.